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'Too Old To Tour'

Wireheads & Meatware unite! The new Maggot House EP ‘Too Old to Tour’ is a death-ray to the face, featuring eight mind-melting tracks about your slimy future. This subatomic EP will reverse the polarity of all utopian reform. Songs like 'Can't Afford The Future' & 'Dead or Alive' expose our not-so-distant RoboCop destiny.

If you only take ten albums into your fallout shelter this Summer, 'Too Old to Tour' should be one of 'em.

Out now. Maggot House 3000, bitches!

'Heavy Metal Parking Lot'

Putting the spandex back in Metal, ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’ is the first single from the upcoming new EP. It’s fun, it’s loud & it’s stupid.

Crank it up on 4.19.24.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot.jpg

'I Am The Night' [Official Video]

Puking up a 40-second homage to hardcore punk, a coming-of-age story of uncontrollable urges

'Toxic Treats' [Official Video]

Urban legends of razor-blades in poisoned apples. ‘Toxic Treats’ brings the fear back to Devil’s Night.

'California Greys' [Official Video]

Aliens are real! Whether you've heard whistleblower David Grusch's testimony about the US Government concealing multi-decade UFP and UAP sightings - or if you just love great Sci-Fi, Horror flicks featuring supernatural invaders, marslings and creatures from outer space - Maggot House brazenly gives you what you punk really want. The scrappy, lo-fi punk track 'California Greys' is about late night abductions on a dark desert highway (cold drink in my hand). JK. It's about little [grey] men!

How to Talk to Extraterrestrials

Be Ready! October, Friday the 13th!

Maggot House's new album ‘How to Talk to Extraterrestrials’

A mutant-themed homage to 80s horror.
Ten punk anthems in 20 minutes!


A Freak! An Outcast! A Rebel.

'Electric Teenage Beast' is a campy, stripped down dancepunk track that'll drive all of you creeps crazy. Out 09/29/23. 

A mash of schlock, horror & beats. Inspired by the 1957 b-film 'I Was a Teenage Frankenstein' where an accident victim & troubled teenager, is pieced back together into a hulking beast and gets angry when he learns he is going to be taken apart!

This one is for all yous Frankensteins out there. 



Another lowbrow track for low budget times, decoding the weirdest theme yet ... hoodlum grave-robbers.

The new single 'Crypt Jerk’ is a haunting shaker with special guest vocals by Ann ßanana – and a strange dancepunk hook, made with a beat-up synth.

The second single from the spooky 'How to Talk to Extraterrestrials' EP due out Fri, Oct 13th. 


Maggot House's 6 unsung horror films worth a check!

Sept 2023 interview by independent mag IDIOTEQ:

"Orchestrated by the whiskey-loving, horror film-addicted Broose Young, this D.I.Y. synth/punk outfit offers a visceral journey through the underbelly of both cinema and sound" 
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 12.55.24 AM.png

'Street Trash' [Official Video]

In celebration of all things sleaze, Maggot House brings exploitation film 'Street Trash' back to life with this lowbrow punk release, inspired by the 1987 cult b-movie. 

'Street Trash' is explosive with creepoid lyrics to make any gutter-punk smile and
any splatter-film junkie nod their head.

This is the first single from the new EP out Oct 13th.


Prepare for a molten trash-punk takeover!

8 outta 10 on the

June 2023 review
by Classic Rock Magazine's SLEAZEGRINDER:

"Maggot House is some housebound freak from Brooklyn puking up minute-long Misfits and Mummies homages on a beat-up synth, and if you ask me it's the most majestic listen of 2023 so far." 

'Greetings From Budget Beach' is a 6-song EP featuring all your Maggot-faves, plus three unreleased tracks! An ode to the 80s beach movies where outcasts, underdogs, nerds & punks-go-wild.

New tracks include 'I Gotta Vette' 'Whizz-kids' and 'Another Filthy Ripper'.






'Budget Beach' Single out 3.24.23

"... just down the street with the gutter punks at Budget Beach" 



Keeping your town punk.

"Slobs Rule" single out now! 



'Maggot House' [the single] out now! 

Dedicated to all the Maggots, Creeps, Punks, & Freaks we've ran into over the years.
Budget Beach EP coming out soon!



Count down the days until Halloween. Halloween Playlist ready. Check out  the 'Creeps Unite EP' now on all streaming platforms.




Maggot House’s raucous, high school-themed video is everything we loved from the 80s. This jerky, new wave, dance mix of 'Creepnite' is sure to bring out the dead. Can you do The Creep to 'Creepnite'?


This is your only warning

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