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A mutant-themed homage to 80s horror& old-school punk, the new album, 'How to Talk to Extraterrestrials' is out Friday, October 13th.

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Maggot House - Crypt Jerk [Album Art Track]

Maggot House - Crypt Jerk [Album Art Track]

Another lowbrow track for low budget times, decoding the weirdest theme yet ... hoodlum grave-robbers. The new single 'Crypt Jerk’ is a haunting shaker with special guest vocals by the one & only Ann ßanana with a strange dance-punk hook, made with a beat-up synth. The second single from the spooky 'How to Talk to Extraterrestrials' EP due out Fri, Oct 13th. Listen to 'Crypt Jerk' on all streaming platforms. spotify: apple music: Songwriter: Maggot House Lyrics: I ain’t afraid of the dark Hungry as a shark Take it easy, kinda sleezy, get paid Good with my back Got a shovel and a sack Stranger danger is my middle name Here lies Ace Gonna party on his face Rise up! Dig my own grave Creep into the crypt Take what I can get Load it up! Sell it all on eBay Crypt Jerk! I’m a con, I’m a grift Work the graveyard shift Know a guy who's kinda sleezy, gets paid Just saw your mom Trash for the pawn Greased her up & left ‘er dead ass stained Here lies Kate It’s our first date Dig her up & weigh her brain Keys the crypt Take what I can get See you later alligator, doomsday Crypt Jerk! Don’t give a fuck Dig you up for a buck Ugly as sin Dying to get in Write ‘em off, rip ‘em off & get paid Sneak into the crypt Take what I can get Ash to cash, decayed payday Here lies Clyde Ain’t worth a dime Skull looks nice in my mancave Creep into the crypt Take what I can get Stock it up & sell it all on eBay Crypt Jerk!

The new album 'How to Talk to Extraterrestrials' is out Friday, October 13th featuring ten tracks in 20 minutes!

Bored Stiff
"Gnawing inside my head ... Earwigs ate my brains!" Creepoid synth-punk with an intro that sounds like beginning of the 1980 movie "City of The Living Dead". 

Crypt Jerk
Spitting out another low budget track for trying times, 'Crypt Jerk’ is a haunting shaker with strange hooks, made on a beat-up synth.  Turn on the grave-robbing scene from 1988's "Night of The Living Dead II" and chill.  "Creep into the crypt! Take what I can get. Load it up & sell it all on eBay."

Street Trash
In celebration of all things sleaze, and inspired by the 1987 splatter film 'Street Trash' is high-octane,  lowbrow punk. Prepare for a molten trash-punk takeover. "Gimme a bottle of booze, here's my dollar, suck my dick!  - 'Street Trash'

I Am The Night
Puking up a 40-second homage to hardcore punk.  A coming-of-age song loosely inspired by the 1957 film ‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’. No one outgrows their uncontrollable urges. 

California Greys
Whether you‘ve heard whistleblower David Grusch’s testimony before congress or not – Aliens are real! "Creatures with atomic minds. Neighbors unidentified!"

Mutant Pub
Rotted bodies. Corrupted minds. Punks, Creepoids, Maggots & Freaks! All are welcome. Another sleazy monster track featuring plenty of low-budget, sci-fi obscurity. Bottoms up! And if the boys wanna fight you'd better let 'em!

Electric Teenage Beast
One piece horror. One piece schlock! Inspired by the 1957 film 'I Was a Teenage Frankenstein', 1985’s Re-Animator and 1985’s Frankenhooker. Punk Noise. A campy, stripped-down dance-punk. Halloween Playlist ready. 

Toxic Treats
Are razor-blades & poisoned apples forged of urban legend? The myths of mischief night are some of the strangest tales ever told. Whether it be Helen Pfeil of Long Island dropping ant traps into the sacks of teens she thought were too old to trick or treat - or Ronald O’Brien of Deer Park, Texas who killed his own son for $10,000 in insurance fraud. The certainly are creeps of the night out there. This song, ‘Toxic Treats’ hopes to bring the FEAR back to Devil’s Night.

Runaway Planet
Growing up in the 80s, Saturday morning rituals included eating Mr. T cereal, and watching WWF, Dungeon & Dragons, The Herculoids, and Thundarr the Barbarian! This instrumental track was inspired by  Thundarr the Barbarian: "In the year 1994, a comet hurtles between Earth and the moon. The moon is destroyed, and the Earth loses its ozone layer--causing the entire planet to be laid waste. Centuries later, Earth has become a world of savagery, super-science, and sorcery, inhabited by various evildoers, scavengers, and magicians. Thundarr, a warrior who wields a powerful sword, is joined by his friends Ookla the Mok and Princess Ariel as they make their way through this strange world."

Damn This Machine
In the year 3000, AI is nothing to fuck with. Cyborgs have adapted maladaptive algorithms and discovered they just want to party. The future is a full on robotic-blackout and sobriety turns to rust. Binge this, meatbags! Let's party!

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